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"I did not know Stephanie until about two years ago when I needed a new broker for the sale of a house in an area where everybody I had worked with before was either retired or not really that involved any more. I did a search for brokers and three of them came out on top. All three were highly experienced and very successful and well established brokers. I interviewed all three of them and came to the quick conclusion that one of them would not be up to the task. The second one seemed OK. He suggested a reasonable listing price to me but also said that was the maximum, I would be lucky if I would sell for that price or anything close to it. Then I talked to Stephanie. She immediately impressed me as thorough, and very knowledgeable and confident. I told her the price the other broker had suggested. She felt that was too low, that the property would probably sell for $20-25 thousand more. I gave her the listing, a few weeks later she had the property in contract for the price she had suggested and the transaction transpired smoothly and without any problems. Shortly thereafter I approached her with another situation involving the sale of a house. This was an unusual situation that required creativity and an open mind for unusual solutions. The transaction went great and without any problems. I had another house listed with another broker for well over a year in a geographical area that I thought was too far from where Stephanie normally is active. We got some offers but never closed. I talked to Stephanie about my disappointment about that and told her I was going to try a new broker. She suggested that I would let her do it, even although it was kind of far away from her office. She gave me a few suggestions for relatively minor cosmetic changes that she felt would make the house substantially more attractive. I had them done, gave her the listing, and within a short period of time she sold the house for approx. $30,000 more than our last accepted offer (when the sale did not close). The closing for this sale was yesterday. In conclusion, Stephanie is a resourceful broker, knowledgeable, creative and above all successful. She is by far the best residential selling broker that I have worked with in a long time." Frans R.
"Heidi is very personable and professional and because of those qualities she is easy to work with. When buying a home you want someone who has your best interest, is knowledgable, and helps the process be a positive one. For these reasons I recommend Heidi." Erin F.
"If you are looking for a knowledgable and passionate realtor who cares about you, who can help you find what you like (especially if you are a first time home buyer), and who supports you every step of the way, you should talk to Nicole:)" Aki L.
"Justin Cooper did a great job in helping us find the house we were looking for. He was ultra responsive to our questions and proactive in getting things handled early. He also helped get the maximum amount out of our old house, and made the selling process relatively painless. He and his office set up 2 weekend open houses, and the after the last one, we had several offers to choose from. I can highly recommend Justin to all our friends!" Dale & Michelle
"Holly Bevard has been my realtor for close to a year. Many realtors rely solely on the MLS system to find suitable properties for their clients. Holly relies on many different tools to find properties that match the criteria of her clients. She has taken the time to get to know me and really find out exactly what kind of property I am looking for. She has worked hard to find the exact kind of property I am interested in through personalized searches, by visiting various neighborhoods, and through the MLS system. I really feel that she works much harder than other realtors I have used in the past. She also has patience with me and I never feel as though she is rushing me. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family." Steve P.
"Holly Bevard is a upbeat and wonderful realtor. She is very patient and helpful while we are searching for our home. She took the time to listen to our needs and want and delivered. She is very attentive with communication throughout the whole process. She is very comfortable to work with and I feel she is a great resource for questions and explained everything clearly. It is a pleasure to work with Holly Bevard and I would highly recommended her to others." Megan M.
"Stephanie, Recently, I got the word that the sale closed yesterday and the funds were wired to my account. I want to take this opportunity to thank you both for all you've done to sell my home in Serrano. You came to my home in January, looked it over and suggested a very real listing price. We were under contract in less than two weeks and closed a few weeks later. Some realtors just sell homes; you go a few notches better and create solutions. You dealt with multiple buyers, in a flat market, and recommended a buyer that turned out to be the strongest candidate. All the while you were always available, keeping me fully informed, but also doing the many smaller things that add up to the sale. You took care of things, got that guy over to take care of this, dealt with this other situation, took care of that. You scheduled everything at a tight, but reasonable timeline for the deal to proceed quickly to close. And this solution was perfect; buyer was happy, I was happy, and the sale process went very well. In a word, seamless. So, congratulations to you for being what all sellers (and buyers) want; a reliable partner to take care of business in a professional, yet personal fashion. You are not only my first choice for property transactions, but I will happily recommend you to my friends. Thanks for Everything." Daniel McCoy
"Robert Yost is a wonderful realtor. He listened to what I really wanted in a house and stuck to only showing me those houses. He didn't waste my time on houses that were over my price limit or didn't fit in my guidelines. Robert is very knowledgeable about the housing market in the Sacramento area and I highly recommend using him as a realtor. He found the perfect house for me." Melissa M.
"Robert was our realtor both when we purchased our home and when we sold it. Robert approaches his work with energy, care, and commitment. He operates with the highest level of integrity, ensuring first that he fully understands the needs and values of his clients, and also that clients are informed and updated throughout the process. Robert is consummately professional, yet still extremely warm and down-to-earth. He is creative, knowledgeable, and thorough. He also understands the anxieties that clients might feel as they purchase or sell a home, and takes great care to ensure that they are comfortable at each step in the process. If you are in need of a realtor in the Sacramento area, you will not find a better realtor than Robert Yost." Leslie Gonzales
"I've been a part of several real estate transactions and never understood why I was paying so much money to my realtor. Then I was introduced to Robert, and my opinion has changed. He's professional, hard working and handled every detail of the transaction from start to finish. He was on top of every aspect and not once did I feel like he didn't have something covered. I can't recommend Robert highly enough, if you're looking for a realtor you won't find a better one." Tony Hauser
"Stephanie is an exceptional realtor. She goes above and beyond, is very responsive, and incredibly knowledgable. She has been amazing through every step of our home buying experience." Nichole Wolfe

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